The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is reviewing all New Zealand's national and local qualifications. These reviews are called Targeted Reviews of Qualifications (TRoQs).

homepage 1About the TRoQs

The TRoQs will result in a suite of New Zealand qualifications that is smaller, simpler and more relevant to current and future employers and learners than the current qualifications. These improvements will make it easier for:

  • learners and employers to use the qualifications to build the skills they need
  • training providers to deliver qualifications
  • industry training organisations like Competenz to maintain and support qualifications.

The role of Competenz

Competenz is leading twenty-five industry reviews covering 320 qualifications. This involves working closely with our industry and training partners (e.g. industry associations, employers and training providers) to review existing qualifications and confirm the new qualifications that will help New Zealand learners, employers and industries build skills, careers and businesses.

We are also contributing to 11 reviews which other industry training organisations are leading.

The TRoQ roadmap

  1. 1. Prepare More info
  2. 2. Gain approval to develop More info
  3. 3. Gain approval to list More info
  4. 4. Gain approval industry training programme More info
  5. 5. Launch training programme and resources More info

Stages one to three: the review

This is the review itself. During these stages we work with our industry partners and training providers to review existing qualifications and confirm the new qualifications the industry will take forward. At the end of each stage we send the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) a document to approve.

Stages four and five: making it happen

These stages involve designing the industry training programme and materials needed to support the new qualifications and making them available to employers and learners. During the fourth stage we send the NZQA a training plan to approve.

We've appointed a Competenz project manager to manage each TRoQ through these stages.

Involving our industry and training partners

Our industry and training partners are the best source of information about the skills New Zealand companies need to prosper – to be competitive, to grow, and to adapt in a world that’s changing quickly – and how to deliver them.

These are industry reviews. So we encourage everyone with an interest in this work to get involved in the reviews. That includes business owners, HR managers, industry associations, learners and training providers.

By contributing to this work you’ll be improving the qualifications that will help industries, employers, learners and New Zealand build the skills they need.

These are some ways you can contribute:

  • Attending meetings around the country to learn about the reviews and contribute your views
  • As members of the governance group that oversees each TRoQ and the working groups that carry out the technical work involved
  • Commenting on draft documents (e.g. draft qualifications)
  • Providing feedback at all stages of the review.

Please click on the TRoQ you're interested in to find out more.