Looking for an apprentice?

We can help you find a suitable apprentice.

Contact a Competenz account manager, training advisor or our customer services team

If you have an account manager or training advisor, talk to them about finding someone to suit your business. Or talk to one of our national or regional managers here. Or call our customer services team.

Contact ATNZ (engineering, print, packaging, plastics, and automotive apprenticeships)

Our training partner, the Apprentice Training Trust New Zealand, is New Zealand’s largest employer of engineering, print, packaging, plastics, and automotive apprentices. ATNZ employs apprentices and places them with companies willing to train an apprentice in their workplace. In 2018 ATNZ introduced print, packaging and plastics apprenticeships and has a partnership with the Motor Trade Association of New Zealand (MTA) to support their members with automotive apprenticeships. www.atnz.org.nz

Contact our Competenz careers team

Our careers team works with schools in your area to identify and place suitable students. You can contact them on 0800 526 1800 or info@competenz.org.nz.

Sign up an existing employee

You know their work ethic, they know your ways of working, and an apprenticeship is a great way to build their loyalty!