People Management and Leadership

People Management and Leadership training delivers the essential skills required to effectively lead and manage people, resources and operations within your business.

What do we offer?

People management and leadership training ensures your leaders and managers understand what is expected of them and can readily perform to the standards you set.

Because the training is on-the-job, they learn to work with your systems and processes, while enhancing their people development and interpersonal skills.

Workplace-based management and leadership qualifications deliver the theory and the practical application to give you more effective managers who lead more productive teams.

Qualifications available

This programme is designed to equip your current and future Team Leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their roles. Graduates of this qualification will have the skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to team performance, and become successful in a leadership role within a team. 

Elements covered in this programme include:

  • Team Strategies
  • Team Performance
  • Stakeholder Communication

NZQA qualification overview

Graduates of this qualification will be able to work as a manager with responsibility for the performance of others. This programme will equip graduates with the technical knowledge and skills, people skills, affective skills, and knowledge of the business environment to be successful first line managers.

Elements covered in this programme include:

  • Managing a team to achieve set objectives for the team and the business
  • Managing work flows
  • Motivating others
  • Managing team relationships
  • Effective communication with stakeholders
  • Professional and ethical behaviour
  • Adapting leadership styles

NZQA qualification overview