Fire Protection Engineer

Protect and detect. The fire protection industry’s in the business of keeping four million New Zealanders and thousands of buildings safe, 365 days a year.

Careers information

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What do they do?

Fire protection engineers deal with fire safety equipment used in commercial buildings. They survey, select, install, commission and maintain head-operated firefighting equipment and protection and detection systems.

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A typical day

Sometimes an eight-hour day; sometimes on shift work rosters or on call.

Work can include discussing clients' fire protection needs and surveying their fire risks as well as selecting, commissioning and maintaining firefighting and fire safety equipment (from hand-operated tools to entire protection and/or detection systems).

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     Sound like you?

Study areas
Helpful experience
Preferred work environments
  • English or Media or History
  • Maths or Accounting or Economics
  • Science or Workshop Technologies
  • Computing/ICT /Information Management
  • Strong eye for detail
  • Confidence with IT, computers, technology
  • Good work habits/time management
  • Good at problem solving/creative
  • Customer service or helping people
  • Making or fixing things
  • Inside (retail or shop)
  • Lots of different places every day

Career pathway

SchoolEntry level jobsAdvancing jobsSenior jobs

Ideally, NCEA Level 2 in:



  • Maths
  • Science (physics)
  • Technology (metal work)
  • English
  • Fire Protection Engineer
  • Team Leader
  • Supervisor
  • Business Manager
  • Business Owner
Unit/Achievement standards in schoolsTraineeship or ApprenticeshipHigher learningHigher learning