General engineering

Mechanical engineers build and maintain the machinery and tools that keep New Zealand’s manufacturing and engineering industries running.

Careers information

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What does it involve?

General engineers have a good broad skills and knowledge of welding, fabrication, machining, and fitting. Their work includes fitting and assembly work, machine shop work, service and repair work, manufacturing and general fabrication of all kinds of machines and equipment including hydraulics and pneumatics.


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Typical day

Normally an 8 hour day; sometimes working longer may be required. Each day can be quite different; engineering work is varied and can involve fitting, machining, welding, maintenance, repair, hydraulics, pneumatics and/or fabrication. Generally, your training will be tailored to the type of work you do.

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How much could I earn?

  • 2 years experience

    $42k- $52k

  • 5 years experience

    $53k- $80k

Career pathway

SchoolEntry level jobsAdvancing jobsSenior jobs
Ideally, NCEA Level 2 passes in:


  • Maths
  • Science (Physics)
  • Technology (Metal Work)
  • English


  • General Engineer 
  • Specialist Engineer
  • Engineering Supervisor
  • Leading Hand
  • Workshop Supervisor
  • Welding Supervisor
  • Foreman
  • Site Supervisor
  • Business Manager
  • Business Owner
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