Food & beverage manufacturing

Every day, nearly 30,000 people head to work in the food manufacturing industry preparing the foods that nourish us and contribute over $22 billion to New Zealand’s exports.

Careers information

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What does it involve?

Food manufacturing workers work in all kinds of food and beverage manufacturing e.g. making flour products (miller), beer products (brewery worker) or food products. They typically work in factories or on large production lines and as they become more experienced can become Production Managers in their area of experience.

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Typical day

Typically, an 8 hour or shift work. Food manufacturing workers work on different parts of the production line, learning specific skills for each role. You may also undertake training on specialist equipment and may learn to make minor repairs and maintain the equipment you use.

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How much could I earn?

  • Newly Qualified

    $30k - $45k

Career pathway

SchoolEntry level jobsAdvancing jobsSenior jobs
  • There are no minimum entry requirements
  • Food processing
  • Safety and health
  • Process Worker
  • Miller
  • Brewery Worker
  • Team Leader
  • Specialist Technical Advisor
  • Plant Supervisor
  • Production Manager
  • Teacher/Tutor
  • Business Manager
  • Business Owner
Unit/Achievement standards in schoolsTraineeshipHigher learningHigher learning