Glass containers. Millions of them! They’re in every home and every supermarket the length of the country.

Careers information

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What does it involve?

There is only one major supplier of glass containers in New Zealand: Owens–Illinois, the world’s largest manufacturer of glass containers. Owens-Illinois New Zealand operates from a plant in Penrose, Auckland, where it produces glass bottles and other containers for food, beer, wine, spirits and other beverages.

A career with Owens-Illinois is a manufacturing career – with a difference. Glass is made from silica and other ingredients that are melted to form containers, so working with glass involves some highly specialised skills.

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How could I get into the industry

Most people who join the industry will generally already have some trade certifications (e.g. ). It is unusual to enter the industry directly from school.

What kind of jobs could I do?

Jobs include:

  • Glass Production Operators
  • Glass Production Technicians.

Plus there are opportunities to work in the types of roles that are common to all manufacturing processes (e.g. quality control, production management

How much could I earn?

Around $50,000 per year (newly qualified). This increases with experience.