Pulp and Paper Operator

Careers information

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What do they do?

Pulp and paper operators use machinery and equipment to make pulp and paper. They understand both manual and computer-controlled systems and processes and monitor, maintain and make minor repairs to ensure a consistent quality of output throughout the production process.

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A typical day

Typically, an 8-hour day or shift work. A typical day involves monitoring and operating waste treatment plants to ensure environmental compliance, operating chemical plants, set and operate wood-chip machinery, operate refiners, boilers and large complex dryers and pulp converting machinery.

Pulp and paper

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Study areas
Helpful experience
Preferred work environments
  • English or Media or History
  • Maths or Accounting or Economics
  • Sciences or Workshop Technology
  • Computing/ICT/Information Management
  • Reasonable strength and fitness
  • Good organisation skills
  • Good at problem solving/creative
  • Good work habits/time management
  • Customer service or helping people
  • Making or fixing things
  • Working with machinery
  • Inside (workshop or plant)

Career pathway

SchoolEntry level jobsAdvancing jobsSenior jobs
  • NCEA Level 2 is ideal
  • Pulp and Paper Operator
  • Team Leader
  • Business Manager
Unit/Achievement standards in schoolsTraineeship or ApprenticeshipHigher learningHigher learning