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New Zealand is in need of a skilled workforce. Get qualified while you learn and earn.

Choose your career path

Great careers bring together many things: your passion, your skills and opportunities to do something useful, gain experience and learn new things. To get started, choose your career path:

Some tips for choosing a new career:

  • 1

    Find your passion!

    We all have things we enjoy doing: making things, working outdoors, being creative... Think about what excites you.

  • 2

    Identify what you're good at

    Everyone has skills. Look at what you've already achieved in life - big and small. Then identify the skills that got you there.

  • 3

    Do your research

    Call us on 0800 526 1800 and ask to talk to our Careers team. Or talk to a schools careers advisor and people doing the jobs you're interested in. Check out the Careers NZ website.

  • 4

    Volunteer for work experience

    It's a great way to check out a career, gain some skills and build your networks. And if you shine, you may even get a job offer.

  • 5

    Make a plan

    Bring it all together in a plan: what do you need to do to make your chosen career happen?