Colour Accounting

Grow your people with a practical workshop for non-financial managers


» 3 April 19

» 3 July 19

» 4 April 19

» 4 July 19

» 10 April 19

» 11 April 19

» 10 July 19

» 11 July 19

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Colour Accounting offers in-house workshops delivered at your workplace. For more information please email to

Greg Stuart, National Manager, Apprentice Training NZ

“Colour Accounting is an excellent refresher for those who have experience reading and interpreting financial statements. Likewise it’s a great starter for people new to understanding finances.

“I’m able to better communicate financial objectives to my team and help them understand why their work is important.

“Working collaboratively with the other attendees on case studies has given me a fresh perspective and I’m able to make better, more informed decisions.”

Why Colour Accounting?

No matter what industry you’re in, achieving and maintaining financial control is vital. It's important that your non-financial managers are financially literate to confidently make the right decisions.

Unlike other financial workshops Colour Accounting is hands-on and collaborative. Courses are available nationwide.

What does a Colour Accounting workshop look like?

Colour Accounting is a one-day course delivered by BDO in partnership with Competenz to equip your people with the fundamentals they need to make good financial decisions.

The workshop uses plain language and simple diagrams to teach people how to read and understand financial reports. It is designed to help people at all levels of an organisation to make better business decisions.

Course participants learn how to:

»        Read financial statements and understand what they say about their businesses performance

»        Manage cash flows and profit and loss statements

»        Create and manage a budget

»        Improve financial control

»        Reduce costs and expand profit margins

»        Gain insights into business finances

»        Set and measure financial goals

»        Better communicate financial objectives with colleagues.