Upskill - soft skill learning

Competenz's latest innovative online learning solution is here. Offering more than 30 courses and at least seven skill development games directly to your employees.

The organisations and industries we work with often tell us that they need help to develop the soft skills of their people. Often called transferable or employability skills - understanding and applying skills such as problem solving, focus, patience, effective communication, and time management is central to unlocking the full potential of employees.

Competenz Upskill gives your business access to a wide range of online courses to develop your people’s soft skills which can help grow your business. With our simple monthly licensing model you can access all online courses and games. Courses range from customer service, coaching, problem solving and time management, through to leadership focussed courses such as coaching, goal setting, developing people, and many more.

The courses have been developed by educational experts, thought leaders and industry partners, and are punchy and focussed, so learning can fit in around work schedules, home life, and other commitments. They can be accessed on any device, anywhere with an internet connection, and can be viewed or repeated as often as desired.

How does Upskill work?

Organisations can subscribe to Upskill for three, six or 12 months to give employees across the business access to more than 40+ online courses and skill development games.

Regular reporting is available showing which courses each employee is working through or has completed, so you can easily keep your employee training and development records up to date.

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